Thursday, 26 January 2012

Raw Food World - Raw Products and Vilcabamba Ecuador

Vilcabamba - 3rd day hike - 19

I've known about the Raw Food World for a while, I know some people who only eat raw food and the whole idea definitely has a lot of merit. If I recall correctly my sister even has some fabulous recipies for raw dinners. (Yes, I mention my sister a lot. She's kinda my inspiration for everything I do that is organic/healthy.)

I hadn't really started paying attention to the Raw Food World products or anything until I began browsing the internet and stalking footage from Vilcabamba, Ecuador. Interestingly enough the Monarch's of Raw Food World (that's a last name, but how appropriate?!) now live in Ecuador on this gorgeous plot of land in Vilcabamba. Lucky? Yes....

They have a video series that they post regularly and since many of them are from/about Vilcabamba, I was pretty much guaranteed to come across them eventually. The one that caught my eye is the video in which they are visiting their new land for the very first time. Actually it was the garden that made me start to salivate, and so; I'll share it with you!

I know. It's stunning there. I can't look outside at the snow and dismal brown trees that grace my city, if I do... I might just tear up!

After watching the video I had to go and check out their website a little more fully. They have... a LOT of products. All raw, many of which are organic. In fact, there are 256 items that come up just when you search 'organic'. I couldn't tell you about their shipping costs, but I'd say they are definitely worth checking out.

As I was browsing around I came across a list of products that they are offering 'at-cost' this month. It's not just one or two items either, so I figured I should definitely share them with you!

If you're interested check out their 'at cost' specials. Cool right?

Now if you don't mind, I'm going to go back to dreaming about a place where "I" can just go outside and pick my lunch...

Picture via marriedwithluggage

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  1. Yes, I intent to go pick my own fruit, one day also!!