Sunday, 15 April 2012

Juicing Adventures Vol 6. - Juicing Without Carrots

For a long time I juiced with carrots every single day; they were the staple that I thought I absolutely needed. It wasn't until recently that I decided to become just a liiittle more daring. My attempts to juice tomatoes were so terrible that my next non-carrot attempt had me practically dreading what it would taste like.


Surprisingly, I came across a combination that was so good I actually had to force myself to start juicing carrots again!

The combination is super easy to drink, incredibly refreshing and oh-so-tasty.


My new favorite juice involves:
Several celery stalks
and a really good handful of spinach.

The resulting juice is a brilliant green and tastes great! Don't believe me? Then you'll just have to try it!!

What's your favorite juice creation? 

Pictures via orchidgalore and nate steiner

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