Saturday, 17 September 2011

Sweet Solar: Lighting Up (Outdoor Application, Small Scale)

There are a ton of different reasons to incorporate lighting into your yard; those reasons are compounded when you begin to look into solar lighting.

First of all, lighting lends a definite aesthetic influence. You can illuminate areas of your garden that you are exceptionally proud of; the fountain, the statue, the perfect and carefully pruned rose bush. Light can be used to showcase your achievements, they will draw the eye and illuminate the details that you find the most important.

Different types of lights will work to illuminate in different ways, this transparent circular light for example is meant to float in a pond; a great way to not only showcase the water feature but also prevent someone from accidentally stepping into it at night!

The fairy on the other hand is something of a showcase herself, she would provide the attraction as well as light up the surrounding area.

You can of course find simple, no nonsense lights that look great and light up the area without being too 'in your face'.

Some lights are meant to blend in with their environment and will be hardly noticeable until the sun goes down. What kind of lights you use depends solely on what you intend them for and your own personal style.

For example, if you wanted lights to illuminate your walkway, you are more likely to choose multiple lights that are the same, not too obtrusive and less expensive (as you would need several and not just one).

Other uses for solar lights include lanterns for camping, table top lights for your patio, and general lighting.

All the lights in the post are of the variety that can be set down and forgotten, more complex solar lighting will come later. Lights such as the ones in this post tend to feature LED lights which are bright and have a phenomenally long lifespan. (on average such lights will last for about 8 hours when fully charged.)

The reasons for going solar are pretty straightforward; you have no batteries or electricity to worry about, no replacing the power source when it runs out, you won't add to your electrical bill by using more lights and of course; they are completely environmentally friendly -- no nasty bi-products.

As for reasons to light up above and beyond aesthetics and pathways; it is an inexpensive security measure, would-be burglars are less likely to make an attempt on a house that has a well-lit yard.

Additionally, if you have pets outside, you'll be able to see what they are up to at night and any nighttime treks will not result in twisted ankles and bruised shins.

As always, a little shopping around is a great idea when looking for solar lighting; the prices vary quite widely!


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