Friday, 9 December 2011

Gift Ideas: For the cell phone addict or techie in your life

We all have someone in our life who can't seem to exist without their cellphone or always has some form of technology on them. This gift idea is an eco-friendly option for anyone who owns an iphone or ipad.

Currently they only offer products for the apple family, but I can hope that will change in the future.

Their cases show ingenuity and a care for the environment that I can't help but approve of. My personal favorite is the shell for the ipad2; though it won't be available in time for Christmas (2011), it is a remarkable product that demonstrates a great deal of creativity and thought.

The iPad Shell:

They must have achieved their goal (see video), as the case will begin shipping on January 20th. (2012)

The iPhone Case:

(They will ship internationally.) 

Check out TRTLBOT and learn more about their products.

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