Friday, 23 March 2012

Soap Nuts!

Mountain Rose Soap Nuts
When it comes to chemical-free cleaning, the soap nut (sometimes called the soap berry) is one of the best ways to go. The soap nuts contain something called saponin, which is a natural detergent. In water it works to free dirt and oils so it is especially great for laundry.

A few soap nuts in a mini cotton bag included in your laundry are all you need to achieve clean clothes without the chemicals. The soap nuts can be used more than once (they will start to disintegrate and lose color when they need to be replaced).

Only Green Soap Berry Dish Soap
I personally use a soap nut Dish Soap from Only Green (a Canadian Company), it works amazingly well, doesn't dry out my hands and is completely natural. I just add in a drop of essential oil into the water for scent.

I also use a few of their other Soap Berry Cleaners - their whole cleaning line is 15% off until March 31st so this is  a great week to test them out!

Click Here to View Their Cleaners.

The Mountain Rose Soap Nuts, seen in the top photo, are one of the best deals I've seen. They are selling 1 lb of soap nuts for only $6.00. The easiest way to find them is to go to their website and search "Soap Nuts".

Mountain Rose has a great deal on if you buy your products in bulk - you will receive 10% off if you buy 5-9 lbs, 15% off for 10-25 lbs, 20% off for 25-49 lbs and 30% off for 50+ lbs! You can mix and match herbs/products for the discount but you need to buy your products in lbs for the discounts to apply. (ie. you could buy 4 lbs of mint and 1 lb of oregano for 15% off - but if you bought 1/2 lb of 10 different items you wouldn't receive a discount.) Their herbs are second to none, I would absolutely recommend taking advantage of this sale!

Before I get too off topic I should mention another company that I have recently stumbled across that sells Soap Nuts. Eco Nuts!

Their main focus is laundry detergent but they do sell a variety of other products as well! I haven't tried their products yet but they have been getting some absolutely amazing reviews. If you are interested in trying out what they have to offer you can use the coupon code "4558DBB6F6F8" to receive 5% off your order! Click on the image above to visit their website.

Thanks for tuning in and I hope your spring cleaning is chemical free!

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