Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Company Review: Only Green

I have been happily using Only Green products for several years now, and I have to say that I absolutely love what they have to offer.

A few of my favorites products are in their cosmetic line; it's so important to be conscious of what we put on our skin and not just in our bodies. Their cosmetics are empty of those terrible additives and heavy metals that we want to avoid, they are gentle on the skin and comparative to many expensive cosmetic brands.

I have been using them for over a year including the foundation, lip gloss and eyeshadow and I haven't had a single problem. My skin is healthy, the prices are great and I love the way I look and feel while using their products.

Their body care products are of equal quality, my favorite is their bar soap. Most soaps leave my skin feeling tight and dry, but I haven't had that problem since I switched over. They also come in several refreshing and clean scents which you are guaranteed to fall in love with!

I also frequently use their cleaners; all of which are empty of harmful chemicals. The dish detergent cleans brilliantly and lasts for what I suspect could accurately be called a coons age. You hardly need more than a drop in a whole sink-full!

Have I mentioned that Only Green is a Canadian company with Canadian products? Cause they sure are!


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  1. I don't use make-up myself, but I use the dish soap and laundry soap. They clean well and do not impart smells to the dishes or clothes...and I really appreciate this as I react to artificial odors. this company is high on my list of " and green environmentally friendly products!"

  2. I love this make-up, it goes on smoothly and naturally enhances your beauty...Of coarse if you want to get a little more adventurous there is quite a colour pallet! Making the choice to let my 12yr old wear make up was a much easier decision, knowing that these cosmetics are not chock full of chemicals and toxins. With some of the softer shades she is feeling like a young lady...and ever so naturally beautiful