Friday, 2 September 2011

The Story of Cosmetics

*From the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics*

Before you watch the video - a brief clarification of terms:

The first time I watched this video I kept thinking that they had to be saying 'toxin' wrong - however I now know that 'toxin' is a poison that is produced by an organism while 'toxic' is any kind of harmful substance regardless of how it is produced.

Therefore, a toxin is also a toxic, but a toxic isn't always a toxin. ;)

I hope that helps clear things up for you!

Also, on a side note: Only Green, the company that I reviewed on Wednesday, is offering several product lines 15% off for the next two weeks. These include the body care and cosmetic lines, so this is an awesome time to test them out and experience their non-toxic awesome-ness!


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