Thursday, 29 September 2011

Finding Organic Foods (and Chocolate...)

Depending where you live it can be a little difficult to scrounge up the organic foods you need to eat the way you prefer. Here in Medicine Hat it involves a lot of stopping by a variety of stores to see what is available. For us, there is no such thing as one store that sells all the organic food you need for great prices.

So we shop around.

Organic bananasLondon Drugs has organic food mixed in at random with their other products. Cereals, chocolates, Wolfgang Puck Canned Soups (which by the way, are the best canned soups you will ever find.)

Superstore has a wider selection, in fact they even have a whole isle dedicated to organic and natural foods. They also have their own brand of organic products, just look for the green and white labels! They also carry produce, however it has been irradiated. (We'll talk about that more in another post.)

Nutters, our local heath food store, has recently started carrying produce and offers a decent selection of cereals, baking ingredients and dairy.

3rd St Market, a small shop in downtown Medicine Hat, also carries organic produce, dairy and other foods.

Bulk Barn has a small but not insignificant selection and their prices are more reasonable than other stores.

Safeway also has their own brand of organic foods.

Shoppers Drug Mart has their own organic brand as well, it stands out from the rest with it's bright orange packaging - their chocolate isn't particularly great, however they have blue corn chips that are absolutely fabulous!

Speaking of chocolate -- just like when you shop around at regular stores, often online stores have snuck in a small section of organic foods. You might not even notice unless you look for it! I was recently checking out and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they have a whole selection of organic chocolates.

As an added bonus you can get 5% off any of their products by using the code BONBONS when you check out. That right there is proof that shopping around is a great idea!

I would love to know if you have found organic food/products in places you never expected. Especially if they are in online stores that anyone can have access to!
Banana photo via anolobb

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  1. I often find interesting varieties of organic goodies at winners of all places!! mostly cereals, baking goods and candy!!!

  2. I had forgotten about Winners, thanks for the reminder! :)