Tuesday, 27 September 2011

With the Kids: The Bean Experiment

I think it is important to get the younger generation involved in their lifestyle as soon as possible. If, as a family, you eat organic and live green, it is very important to always reaffirm why you do it. Not only will it help keep you focused on your goals, but it will give the kids reasons for what you do as well.

It just might be that one of the best things we can do for our planet is to teach our children to love it. If we do what we can to save our world but the next generation doesn't continue in our footsteps -- then we haven't really succeeded at all!

Beans day five - Kaos

One way to involve your children is the extraordinary bean experiment, though of course it doesn't have to be done with just beans! Help to foster their understanding and love of nature by growing a plant from seed. Every day you note the changes; what has happened to the plant, and during this time you can teach them about what plants need to grow.

Oh sure, you do this project in school - but that doesn't mean you can't do it before school as well!

The carrot is another great choice; instead of planting it, place it in a glass jar against the side so you can see the development of the root!

FINAL DAY, Day 18 - side

Fun Fact: These plants here were an experiment;
Plant A: Filtered water
Plant B: Tap water
Plant C: Microwaved water
Plant D: Flame boiled filtered water

I will happily let you draw your own conclusions from that one!

What plant related projects would you/have you done with the kids? I'd love to know!

Photos via L. Marie and SuperFantastic
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  1. I love that picture of the sprouted mungbeans...they look so fresh and delectable!

    I sprout seeds all winter as we have NO winter produce in Canada that is organic.Everything must be imported and is very costly. Few greenhouses bother growing organically here. But back to sprouting...the Grandchildren LOVE watching them grow and especially eating them ! You can make all kinds of salads and sandwiches with them..fun for the entire family...an interactive project like "Organically Inclined" was talking about..very appreciated by children...Thanks for the idea...