Friday, 28 October 2011

Gift Ideas: For Imaginative Kids (2+)

I had a gazillion different choices when it came to what gifts I wanted to feature today: As such I feel that it is only fair to point out that there will be a LOT more posts coming.

This one here is for the munchkins - the younger ones. My thinking was somewhere from 3-5 years, though since I don't have kids of my own, feel free to contest that one!

The first set of ideas are recycled, collapsible, and easily transportable playhouses. Some come white, blue and others with an outdoor print for the more 'manly' boys.

"Imagine a pirate hideout, a princess castle, or superhero headquarters!
MobileHome is a house with 8 secret rooms, spy holes and an attic for storage.  The first portable lightweight playhouse.
Decorate it, grab it by the handle and go! MobileHome goes to the playground, on vacation and anywhere the fun does!
Assembles easily, stores flat in its box.  Available in Blue or White.  Also see the MobileHome Nature.
Size in inches: 14l x 9w x 18h
Ages 3+
All Kidsonroof products:
  • are made in Holland
  • are made from sturdy recycled materials
  • are biodegradable
  • are designed to naturally stimulate creativity and play
  • come with simple instructions
  • are easy to put together and take apart--no glue or screws needed
  • are sturdy, stable and safe
  • come in flat, reusable boxes for easy storage
  • are designed and tested to comply with all applicable ASTM and CPSIA safety requirements
  • need to be kept away from flame and heat sources"

The second item comes from the same company and is essentially the same thing. Except it's big enough for little kids to crawl inside!