Friday, 21 October 2011

Gift Ideas: For the traveling, slightly geeky or comic loving woman in your life

It's time to kick off the first of the "Great Eco-friendly Gift Idea" posts. (Some will be organic, some eco friendly -- this one falls into the latter category.)

As someone who owns and loves two fabulous recycled purses (one made from newspapers and the other from candy wrappers), I was extra excited to come across these fabulous recycled finds!

I can tell you first hand that these purses will be fabulous conversation starters! (And a fun way to express your personality...)

Find the map purse

The tire hits the road with this super fashionable and truly original recycled handbag!

 Pieces of discarded tires are collected, cleaned and then cut up to form the outer frame of each purse. Old maps are laminated with a thick recycled plastic and then hand-sewn onto the tire strips. Each purse is lined with durable black fabric and zips close to protect your personal belongings.

Includes an inner zippered pocket as well! Each purse boasts two durable straps.

Made by a Fair Trade coop in Indonesia, not only are these bags eco-friendly and kind to the earth, but they provide economic opportunities to an entire community as well!


 Find the keyboard purse

Go wireless with these fabulous, eco-fashion clutch bags!

Each unique purse is handmade from actual recycled computer keyboards and boasts a wrist strap – perfect for a quick trip to the mall or for a fun evening out with friends!

Makes a terrific gift for that “geek” fashion forward friend in your life! Lined.

Find the comic book purse

What fun! Strips are discarded comic books that are given a new life with this fashionable and trendy shoulder purse. Each strip is interwoven and covered with recycled plastic making for a durable handbag that is perfect for any occasion.

Made by hand by a women’s Fair-trade coop in Indonesia, this purse is not only good for the environment, but also helps provide much needed income and economic opportunities.

Each funky handbag is lined, comes with an adjustable, buckled strap, cell phone holder, as well as a zippered closure, interior zipped pocket designed to protect your valuables.


Click on the image of any of the purses to find out more about them! (Will ship to Canada and the US.)

More great gift ideas to come over the next few weeks!

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