Thursday, 6 October 2011

Wasting Water


Someone once asked me, while I was protesting their overuse of water, how you can possibly waste it. I wasn't sure how to answer them! It is a rather complicated question after all.

You can't technically waste water, when you use it, it still exists; it doesn't just disappear! What you are doing, however, is taking clean water (relatively speaking) and polluting it. The water you pour down the drain when you shower and wash dishes isn't just going to carry along whatever you add to it. It's going to join all the other crud in the sewers and it's going to need some serious treatment before it can be used again. (In many cases it is released back into our waterways before it is nearly clean enough.)

Sewage outfall
(This water is being released into the ocean from Florida)

You can do your part to decrease the amount of water wasted and contaminated by doing simple things such as taking shorter showers, not leaving the water running when you wash dishes, etc...

You can also do your part to ensure that as little contamination gets released into the water as possible. By using eco-friendly cleaners, chemical-free soaps, personal care products and so on, you are ensuring the water you use is as clean as possible. The more people who do this, the cleaner the water will be. As an added bonus, what is better for the environment is also better for you!

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