Thursday, 16 February 2012

Juicing Adventures Vol. 2

Never before have I had so many different kinds of vegetables in my fridge; it is packed from top to bottom with carrots, zuchini, lemons, limes, oranges, celery, apples, chard, lettuce, kale and beets. (All organic of course!) Chard and Kale have never even made it into my house before!

My daily juicings are all a little bit different. I don't measure or anything I just choose a quantity of fruit and vegetables and go with it! I have carrots in it every day and usually an apple or two but the rest is all interchangeable.


Yesterday I tried chard for the first time; unfortunately I made the mistake of tasting more or less straight chard juice; DISGUSTING!! I thought for sure that I had ruined my juice mixture; thankfully I only put one big chard stalk in and it completely blended in with the other juices. I don't think I will try more than one stalk at a time. But one stalk is more than I have ever eaten before!

East Lothian Rainbow Chard

Today I have a brilliant purple mixture of carrot, apple, orange, lettuce, lemon, zuchini, kale, chard, celery and beet. I put a rather large beet in, and I think it was a little too much. From now on I'll cut the beets in half. The earthy flavour, while amazing cooked and slathered in butter, doesn't taste as great with fresh fruit and veg. Though it sure looks pretty!

Have I noticed any changes so far? Well it has only been a week but I do think that I am a little more energetic; I was up 1.5 hours earlier than normal today and it felt like I woke up at my normal time. I didn't start to get really tired until after supper; so that's a plus!

See you next time!

Photos via John-Morgan and julie gibbons 

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