Thursday, 9 February 2012

Let the Juicing Begin!

Well it's official; I've done it! I picked up my very own juicer yesterday and it is my plan to add freshly made juice to my morning routine. I picked up the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Ultimate from my local Costco. It cost $119.99 before tax.

Now it is far from the best juicer out there, but the price was something I could manage right now and does a good job for the price. Cleaning; as long as you do it right away before the pulp dries is actually a relatively easy process. Taking it apart and putting it together is also pretty simple.

(I'm drinking my freshly made juice as I'm typing this!)

My reasoning was also quite simple. I don't eat much in the way of fruit and vegetables, and certainly not as much as I should. I also eat a very small variety; It's not that I'm super picky, but I can't be bothered with a lot of them. I'm hoping that adding juice to my diet will ensure I get the nutrients that I need and as a by product give me more energy and (I'm crossing my fingers) help me lose a little weight as well.

Juice, for me, is much easier to consume than smoothies, because it isn't as thick, I can get down a lot more than I would otherwise. (This juicer produces quite a small amount of foam, which is a nice bonus.) It doesn't work very well on baby spinach, I think the leaves are too small so they just get whipped through. However I've found that if I mix the leaves in with the pulp and run in through in a ball, it does alright. Larger greens should work better; I plan on trying them soon.

So what I have juiced so far?

My current drink consists of:
Lots of Carrots (love them)
Apple (didn't peel or core it, but I found that even though they fit in the chute whole, they juice better when cut in half.)
Melon (I removed the seeds and cut the melon into slices; didn't peel. It juiced well.)
Baby Spinach

Yesterday included all the above except the melon, but there was also lemon, lime, beet and zucchini. I really liked it with the citrus, it really made it more refreshing. (Didn't need to peel as they were quite mild.) 

I look forward to trying mint, baby bok choy, cucumber, tomatoes, etc...

Mmmmm - Juice!

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