Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Secret Life of Bees - Part 1

Bumble bee in flight

I've been spending a little bit of time obsessing over bees, beehives, honey and all the goodness that comes from those fuzzy little buzzers. Not only are they very interesting creatures but they also produce some incredible (and tasty) products.

It would be very interesting to have a beehive of my own. I think as long as my protective suit was verrry protective, I wouldn't have any problems with it.

This following video deals with starting your own hive:

One of the many things I was curious about was how you can guarantee that your honey is organic; obviously it's possible or you wouldn't be able to purchase certified organic honey, right?

I found out that a 5 km radius of pesticide-free land was required around the hive. Even then the honey is still tested to ensure that no pesticides or environmental pollutants have snuck in. Therefor if I want to have a truly organic hive, I need to buy a rather large chunk of property or have amazing neighbors that are organically-inclined as well.

Did you know that an average hive contains 50,000 or more bees?! The good news is that honey bees aren't generally aggressive unless provoked.

Tune in to 'The Secret Life of Bees - Part 2' as we look into the various materials that bees produce and why humans harvest them.

Photo via Danny Chapman
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  1. This was a very informative post, really enjoyed it! Can't wait for # 2 to come out....! Finding out "all the rest" of it....