Saturday, 25 February 2012

Sears Canada - Organic Cotton

Did you know that Sears Canada has organic cotton clothes?? I had no idea! Not only do they have it, but their prices are extremely decent. See below for some of their great selection. 

Nevada®/MD Organic Cotton Pointelle TankNevada®/MD Organic Cotton T-shirt

(Left) Organic Pointelle Tank Top. This organic cotton tank top is form fitted and comes in four fabulous colors. $12.97
(Right) Organic Cotton T-Shirt. This shirt has spandex added in for a little stretch-ability. Comes in seven colors. $12.97 

Jessica Weekend(TM/MC) Organic Cotton Scoop-neck TeeJessica Weekend(TM/MC) V-neck Tee

(Left) Organic Cotton Scoop Necked Tee. This slightly fitted tee comes in fourteen amazing colors and one striped design. $9.94
(Right) Organic Cotton V-neck Tee. Comes is fifteen colors and one striped design. $12.97

Nevada®/MD Organic Cotton HenleyNevada®/MD Henley Top

(Left) Organic Cotton Henley. Comes in three colors, semi fitted. $12.97
(Right) Organic Cotton Long-sleeved Henley. Semi-fitted. Available in seven colors. $14.97

Jessica Weekend(TM/MC) Organic Cotton Long-sleeve Ribbed TeeJessica Weekend(TM/MC) Organic Cotton Rib-Knit V-Neck Tee

(Left) Organic Cotton Long-sleeved Ribbed Tee. Semi-fitted. Available in six colors. $14.97
(Right) Organic Cotton Rib-Knit V-Neck Tee. Available in five colors. $4.94

Nevada®/MD Organic Cotton Wide Waistband LeggingSecret Luxury Collection® Cuff Socks

(Left) Organic cotton wide waist-band legging. 3" Waistband, 29" inseam, elastane added for stretch. Available in three colors. $14.97
(Right) Organic Cuff Socks. Only available in black. $4.99 per pair.

The really neat part is that you can have your order shipped to a local Sear's retailer; this can cost you as little as $4 for shipping!! I made a quick phone call and asked them whether or not you can return the clothes to a local store or if you have to ship them back -- I was informed that if you ship the clothes to a store, then you are able to return them to that store if they don't fit! It's a win-win scenario!

I'm definitely going to be trying this out - I'll be sure to let you know how it goes and what the clothes are like when I get them!

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  1. This is incredible… Nice collection has been highlighted. Sears is taking things quite seriously and hope to see a positive change.