Sunday, 4 March 2012

Blog Update!

After yesterday's disappointment with the seed order I was a little bit miserable for a while. (My family would argue that my definition of miserable and theirs is slightly different.) I have since gotten over it and renewed my quest for inexpensive organic and non-GMO seeds that are in fact available in Canada. If you have an amazing supplier I would love to hear about it.

Next time I will wait to post until after the order has actually gone through. :P

The whole debacle, as minor as it was, got me thinking. I started wondering why I bother writing this blog, or if anyone that isn't in my immediate family actually reads it. The truth is I don't really know if anyone pays attention yet, and if not that's ok. Hopefully one day they will.

The reason I spend so much time on it, sharing things that I have found, is because I care. I care about what I put in my body, where things come from, what effect they have on the world, etc... And the best way to show you care, is to spread the word. If I can inspire one person to grow their own garden, or start asking questions, or even get interested in something, anything green... that would be fabulous.

I enjoy sharing the things I find; I spend a lot of time doing research, watching videos and reading... and it wouldn't be nearly as exciting to discover new things, if I couldn't share it.

If you have discovered something amazing, you're welcome to share it with me. I've recently added a 'Contact Me' tab in the navigation at the top of this blog, and you are always more than welcome to do so.

Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon!

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  1. That is one of the best reasons to do anything...."because I care"...Hugs....