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Organic Non-GMO Seeds - Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers!

Gardening season is getting close, it's time to start sprouting and figuring out what plants are going to grace your garden this year. (I'm leaning towards ones that I can juice!)

It can be difficult to find organic, non-gmo seeds -- and when you do, the selection is often small and they are missing what you are looking for. Either that or you need to hand over an arm and a foot or two just to be able to pay for them! Luckily I stumbled across a seller of organic/heirloom seeds this week, and I'm pleased to report that they have a great selection at amazing prices! My family and I are currently putting together an order and we're sitting at 36 different types of plants with a few more sitting on the 'should we?' fence.

The company is Botanical Interests and they are based out of the US. Currently they only ship to the US and Canada.

EDIT (2:00PM MARCH 3RD 2011) : I JUST WENT TO POST MY ORDER AND WHEN I CHECKED OUT IT INFORMED ME THAT THEY ONLY SHIP TO U.S. ADDRESSES AT THIS TIME. I HAVE EMAILED THEM AND WILL POST AN UPDATE ONCE THEY RETURN MY EMAIL... I have decided to leave this post up until they do because it took me waaaaay too long to get it all written and set up. :P

They offer the standards, carrots, peas, corn, lettuce, tomatoes, etc... But they also have a selection of rather interesting plants as well. A few that we are getting include;

Organic Heirloom Cucumber Lemon Seeds

These guys here are cucumbers that look like lemons and that you eat like an apple!

With a description like that how can you NOT want to try them?

Me, my sister and my mother are all getting some to try. I have to post about them once they have grown!

Organic Heirloom Red Velvet Lettuce

This is a rather quickly maturing lettuce and one of the darkest burgundy lettuces out there. The tops of the leaves are red and the bottoms are green.

It's going to look great mixed in with the other greens in my garden! (And hopefully taste great too!)

Pepperoncini Greek Heirloom Pepper

These are the kinds of peppers that you find in salads (usually pickled), sandwiches and on pizzas. They are also amazing when pickled and tossed into a Caesar; the drink not the salad. The little bit of spice is MMMmmmmm good. They are great for people who like peppers but can't quite handle the hotness of jalapenos.

Plus they're just tasty!

Purple Petra Basil

I've never tried this type of basil before; I'm usually very picky and only use Italian Basil which is the deep green one with the wide leaves.

However this basil is supposed to be quite mild so I figure I'll grow it in with my flowers. It will look beautiful (I love purple), and I will have a chance to try it and determine if I like it!

Calendula Zeolights

These beautiful flowers are supposed to change color as they mature; transforming from an orange to a light pink! As an added bonus the petals can be eaten and are apparently great in salads and on sandwiches.

I love the idea of a flower bed that isn't just for looks...

A few of the other seeds I am excited about are the Organic Chamomile, Purple Alyssum (ground cover) and the drought tolerant flower mix!

They also offer packages of seeds that are put together to attract butterfly's, create a perennial garden, feed and attract bees, attract songbirds, etc...

You can find any of these collections (and many more) on their Flower Collections Page.

Click on any of the highlighted words to go right to the product they describe! :)

The individual product pages on the website have handy tips about harvesting, when and where to plant, plant characteristics and so on. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am to get these seeds. I'll be sure to post about them when they come!!!

Botanical Interests is also currently hosting a competition for the best container garden - you have to send in your entry by October of this year. If you want to find out more you can visit their Contest Page.

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed the post! 

Garden photo via net_efekt

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