Monday, 27 February 2012

Juicing Adventures Vol. 4 - Ginger and Pears

I've made a few new juicing friends over the last week; the first being ginger and the second pears.


I was hesitant to try pears as I'm not a fan of their gritty texture. I was afraid that would translate through into the juice. No such thing happened though, they juiced super well and my juice wasn't at all like chewing sand! HUZZAH! (It might have been a liiiittle bit thicker; it was hard to tell.)

Tip: Let your pears ripen until they are soft; they'll be sweeter AND juice better. What more could you want??

Now for ginger. Ginger definitely adds a nice little nip to the juice; you can feel the heat right away even if you can't taste the ginger flavor. (Which is great if you don't happen to like ginger.) I don't juice more than an inch of ginger, less if it's fat; I think the heat would detract from my enjoyment. However, some like it hot, so feel free to add whatever your heart desires.

Ginger (raw)

I did a little test to see how ginger would taste in juice that didn't have any carrots, and to my surprise ginger, celery and apples is actually pretty good! It's a pretty green color, refreshing, the ginger masks much of the celery flavor and the ginger doesn't seem so hot with the celery so it's a good combination!


Pictures via Albert K Law and SingChan

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