Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Watch "Fresh" - Free Till March 3rd

Combine Harvester

There is an incredible documentary that delves into the current world of industrial farming and the 'polyculture VS monoculture' issue. It shares innovative ideas and is just one more reason to change the way the world sees food. I definitely recommend taking the time to watch it.

The video can be found HERE.

One of the most important points in this video is this; "We are voting with our dollar." Meaning we're choosing what methods of food production stay, and which fade into history. Every time we buy food we are either saying "I care what I eat; I support local, organic grown produce and meat" or "I don't care, I just want cheap food - and it doesn't matter to me if the animals sit in their own shit or the grain is covered in harmful chemicals". And if you don't care, all you're going to get is cheap food. Food that is a blight on the planet, a sin towards nature and is condemning the future of our great planet earth.

You can support the farms that produce healthy animals and the people who actually care whether or not they are making quality food, or you can support the industry that only cares about 'more more more'. Whether you are doing it consciously or not, you're still voting with every dollar you spend.

So get educated. Learn. Share the information... and vote.  

(It is only free till Saturday, March 3rd, so watch it now!!)

Photo via Martin Pettitt
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